It finally happened...

Ok, I know. It took {almost} a year for me to finally get my act together. I'll be honest, business has been crazy, my kids are amazing {crazy} & life in general is, well, crazy.. but that's what it is all about, right.

 New Blog & Website; it's up, it's live and big exciting things are happening around here. 

First & for most, meet my crazies. They are my love, life and my passion for what I do. I started this journey when my littlest one {Myles} came into the world and it was time for me to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life besides, you know, be a full-time momma. I have quickly realized that what everyone told me is true, "Yes, they really do grow up fast”. I quickly learned that no matter what I tried to do, I can't stop time, I can only capture it, and capture it I will. 

So this started, my little business venture. Nights of studying learning what manual was, learning what RAW was, lighting, you name it, I wanted conquer it. I wanted my memories that I was seeing daily turn into a beautiful collage of printed images of my children. Let me repeat that, printed photos. Not Facebook, iPhone or cd's piling up in my closet. I want books, canvas's & prints {like my parents & grandparents did}  for my kids to show their kids... because you know that iPhone that I lost that had all of those photos on it that I didn't back up... yeah, those are gone. 

So here I am now, growing, changing & evolving into the photographer that I want to be. I have crazy support from my family and most importantly, my husband. Without him, this doesn't happen. {in case you missed the memo about having 3 crazy kids.. this is what I am talking about} 

So that's it. I have had a wonderful year completing my portfolio, finding my style, and becoming the photographer I want to be. Here's some things happening around LDP:  {besides a new logo!!}

The Good. I am staying in my NE Minneapolis location {I absolutely love} for the foreseen future. It's an amazing spot and I get to work with and near amazing talent. I feel so lucky & blessed to have found this spot. It has everything, brick, tin, amazing character inside and out... oh, did I mention we are next to a brewery? 

The Great. By request, demand, daily email, I am going back to positing on Facebook! What is even better, I am going to be blogging sessions and positing sneak peeks through my website { I know mind blowing. :) } 

The Amazing. In 2016 I am going to be a full service studio. {whoa. what does that even mean?!} It means that I will be giving my {amazing} clients a unique experience that will allow me to cater and build better relationships with you from pre-session consultations, session, ordering prints & albums, and then you calling me crying at how amazing your wall looks with prints/canvas's up. {or at least that is the goal} I am essentially controlling my hard work and making sure that the quality I deliver stays true to what you see in a gallery. Professional paper, professional labs & above standard and just ok printing. I recently re-did my living room.. and man, I am mad that I didn't do this sooner. The investment of the photos on my wall is priceless. I see it everyday and it is a constant reminder of how lucky & bless I am to have a tangible item that I can hold on to forever.. plus who has time to print photos everyday when you are too busy worried about what is for dinner { I know that isn't just me, right?!}

Lastly, but most importantly, I have to say THANK YOU. Thank you to my clients who have been awesome with all of the growing, changes & learning {still learning} how to completely run and manage a family and very full time business. You guys have been so supportive, patient & your reviews after I deliver your images make me cry.. even though I don't always admit it.. it means a great deal!! Thank you to my sister & fellow friend photographers {you know who you are} that have spent hours giving me advice on things, listening if I have had questions or concerns & pushing me to do great things. The biggest THANK YOU goes to my husband, Ryan, because without him supporting this goal & dream.. a lot of precious memories wouldn't have been captured. Taking over your garage with props, to helping me create props {a lot of times at the last minute } to taking care of the kids when I have shoots & am crazy busy { hello fall } to understanding my editing hours are opposite then your sleeping hours.. and to just being amazing. Thank you, I truly wouldn't be able to do this without you. 

I look forward to seeing many of the smiling faces I have been watching grow over the last 3 years & seeing some new ones as well! 

Cheers to a great 2016!